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German City Series: Stuttgart & Ludwigsburg

Introduction to this month's city feature: Stuttgart, Germany and neighboring Ludwigsburg

This month we will take a look at two cities within close proximity of each other: Stuttgart with its automobile history and Ludwigsburg, home to Dukes and Duchesses for many years. The word Stuttgart comes from their long history of breeding cavalry horses, with the Old German name Stuotengarten, which was an estate for horse-breeding (english: stud yard). Stuttgart actually derives from Stud Yard and to this day the coat of arms shows a horse.

Stuttgart, Germany Coat of Arms

Just 7 miles north of Stuttgart lies the town of Ludwigsburg, named after Duke Eberhard Ludwig, who built the Versailles-inspired Residenzschloss (Ludwigsburg Palace) in the center of town. While Versailles in France has over 700 rooms, there are “only” 450 rooms in the Ludwigsburg palace. Not bad for a baroque home!

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For the fairy tale fans:
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Car geeks will love this town:
• History Throwback • We walk through the history of the first automobile and the history of Germany combined at the Mercedes-Benz Museum
• Road Trip • We actually spend a whole day with Porsche, visiting the museum, factory and taking a Porsche out for a drive through the back roads of Stuttgart

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