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Podcast Episodes That Will Free You From Tourist-Filled Tour Groups Vol. 1

Podcast Episodes That Will Free You From Tourist-Filled Tour Groups

I hit the jackpot with this podcast series. If you find a beginning and an end comforting, prefer an experienced narrator, and only covers German history, OH, just wait, do I have the podcast series for you!

Why Podcasts?
I have no shame in admitting its really hard to find time to read. With my work as a product photographer (read: photographing inanimate objects that don't talk), I've dived headfirst into a love and appreciation for podcasts. It reminds me of the simpler days of being read to after recess, but where an audiobook is a big commitment financially and time-wise, podcasts are free and in short-installments. Its a lifelong learner's experience of being a kid in a candy store without any cliff-hangers to disturb your afternoon.

All the better, you can learn more about the history and culture of the country you're going to visit. The more you know beforehand, the less likely you'll feel the need for a guided tour group. One episode at a time, you're becoming a more independent traveler.

Germany: Memories of a Nation BBC Radio 4
Love history? Feel like the only thing you learned about Germany in school is war, war, and more war? Following the success of Neil MacGregor's Story of the World in 100 Objects, in 2014 MacGregor returned by delving through German history through 30 objects in 30 episodes. With a total running time of 6 hours and 40 minutes spread out across 30 episodes. Download all of them. Trust me, you'll wish there were more!

400 minutes | 6 hours and 40 minutes

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