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German City Series: Büdingen

Monthly Featured German City: Medieval Gate in Büdingen | Buedingen

A small town with about 20,000 inhabitants, a city wall and half-timbered houses...

Sounds like many other German towns, what makes Büdingen special?

Albert Einstein probably pondered that question when he visited the castle museum incognito in 1952. Büdingen is a very well-preserved medieval town with its church being built in the year 700, right in the middle of a swamp valley. This month we will go into depth about the history and folklore of Büdingen, and share our favorite parts of the town from our own experiences.

Upcoming Posts Featuring Büdingen

• MuseumTake a step back with us to the 1950’s Germany

• Fairy TaleFind out more about the Frog Story and how the people of Büdingen got their nickname “Frääsch”“Frääsch”

• LandmarkThe Jerusalem Gate is the only town gate of Büdingen that survived the signs of time

• HistoryWe venture inside the Castle of Büdingen.

• ArchitectureTake a walk around the Old town to fall in love with Büdingen

Bonus Resource

Watch Take a drone flight over Büdingen

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