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German City Series: Berlin

German City Series: Berlin • Germany Travel • by Tourist is a Dirty Word

To get a better understanding of Germany as a whole, the capital city seemed like a great place to start. Berlin scored high on all my interests: great zoo, impressive museums, walkable, and more history than I could handle. War torn, but warmly inviting and refreshingly honest, Berlin openly reflects upon its divided past throughout the city, and offers varied learning opportunities and experiences.

New ideas and art feel welcomed in Berlin. Outdoor sculptures and street art are sprinkled throughout the city. Compared to other capital cities, Berlin feels fresh and young. The eastern part of the city has been going through a growth spurt since the Berlin wall came down in 1989, and to such an effect that it is a modern architecture wonderland. Yet, many historical buildings survived the war, and come from the the rapid growth of Berlin in the 1850s onwards. The cliché is true in Berlin, you can have it all- the historical and the modern.

Upcoming Posts Featuring Berlin

Each month, Sebastian and I want to focus on one German city and provide an overview as well as a series of in-depth articles on particular attractions. This month we’re reveling in everything Berlin, and sharing our favorite parts of the city from our own experiences.

• Museums • We’ll start off with our two favorites from a wealth of options: Pergamonmuseum & DDR Museum
• Shopping • Then, we’ll tell you how history can be made with shopping:KaDeWe and KuDamm
• Zoo The polar bear exhibit at the historical Berlin Zoo is magnificent, and was home to the world-famous Knut
• Checkpoint Charlie & the Berlin Wall • We’ll show you one way to experience it that will make your jaw drop
• Food
While President Kennedy may have famously, accidentally called himself a donut, "Ich bin ein Berliner!", we’ll divulge on a true Berlin cuisine speciality: Currywurst

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