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German City Series: Frankfurt am Main

German City Series: Frankfurt am Main

When I tell people I am from Germany, the next question is always, “What city?”

When I reply, “Frankfurt,” many times the response is, “Oh! I’ve been there..or at least the airport.”

The City In The Airport’s Shadow
Many international flights go into Frankfurt airport, the busiest German airport, and #17 worldwide in 2015. However, it is only ranked 4th Visited German City. Too often, Frankfurt airport arrivals immediately leave and venture to see the historic city of Trier, the hip nightlife of Berlin, or the nordic flair of Hamburg. And yet, there is so much to see and do right in Frankfurt.
Frankfurt is dear to my heart since this is where I grew up and my backyard city. My family lives in the suburbs of Frankfurt am Main, and when I was little my Great-Grandpa would take me to the Frankfurt airport to watch planes takeoff and touchdown. Then later that day we would visit my Grandma, who worked in a department store in downtown Frankfurt, smack middle of the shopping street ‘Zeil’.
Upcoming Posts Featuring Frankfurt
Each month, Denise and I want to focus on one city and provide an overview as well as in-depth articles on particular attractions. This month we’re concentrating on Frankfurt am Main. There will be typical Frankfurt food items like green sauce or a cheese made by hand that comes with free music. Denise will provide insight into the art collection of her favorite art museum of all time, the Staedel museum, and how it influenced our private life. Then we will climb up to over 600 feet on top of the Main Tower for an incredible view of the Frankfurt skyline. And finally, we’ll cruise on the river Main, and surround ourselves with dinosaurs at the Senckenberg museum.
Which Frankfurt?
We only refer to Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on the river Main) as Frankfurt, however there is a Frankfurt an der Oder in the East of Germany. The differentiation between the two cities was needed during the 1866 Prussian-Austrian war, when Frankfurt was incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia. There was already a Frankfurt in Prussia, so “am Main” was added to distinguish it from Frankfurt an der Oder.

Frankfurt or Frankfurt? The reason behind the specifics of 'Frankfurt am Main'.

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